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Beer Pong links

Beirut-Guide.com -- A new, very comprehensive site, with a cool rules generator.
Beerpong.com -- Another informative site, with a forum that's much more lively than ours.
Hurricane Bowl -- The former "other NBPL" is now the Hurricane Bowl. They're looking to hold public tournaments starting next year.
University of Miami Libya/Beirut Association -- A very thorough set of rules, and an emotionally stirring tale of how one Beirut/Libya table came into existance.
Brookong Beer Pong -- Some crazy Australians have started their own beer pong site. They also talk about "Rugby" which, from what we can tell, is some sort of football ripoff.
Baltimore Ruit Association -- A really funny and well-done site for the Baltimore Ruit Association, which spells BRA in case you didn't notice.
Kaino Beer Pong Tourney '01 -- See video highlights of a beer pong tournament.
playbeirut.org -- The newcomer (We think, at least) comes on with a wide variety of beirut-related information
playbeirut.com -- Completing the current playbeirut set, playbeirut.com features some funny profiles and tournament results.
beirut-guide.com -- A really detailed site with an automatic house rules generator, pictures, cup setup guide, and other cool stuff.
beerpongvideo.com -- An in-depth and funny documentary report on four heavyweight beirut players.
The Daily Cavalier -- An article about one man's valiant quest to standardize beer pong at UVA.
Miesner.org -- This guy made a video documentary of beer pong that is one of the most emotionally stirring tributes that I have ever seen. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to take a look at it.
Dirty Dalers Beer Pong League -- Second only to the NBPL in terms of Long Island Style beer pong ability.
Elite Beer Pong League -- A funny site with profiles of beer pong players and stadiums.
Beerpong.org -- A minimalist approach to the game, with instructions on how to build your own beer pong table.
Terrapin Tables -- Order customized beer pong tables.
North Shore Beirut League of the South -- Possibly more locations in one name than legally allowed.
PONGmonthly -- A magazine/beer pong league for the price of one.
Jerseybeerpong.com -- Customized tables.
MDBeerpong.com -- A series of tournaments around the state of Maryland. Check it out if you're from Maryland, or not from Maryland.
The Official Ruit Set -- A prepackaged set of cups, balls, and (thankfully) waterproof instructions. Like a Beirut travel pack, for your family vacations.
TrueBeirut.com -- Strategy, rules, history, and info for beirut/beer pong. Also a rules creator.
beer-pong-tables.com -- Portable beer pong tables with great features and awesome designs.

Drinking Game links

Drinking Corner Activity Center -- Instructions for a variety of drinking games, from Asshole to Three Man.
Beerdrinkinggames.com -- Very funny site about (surprise) beer and drinking games.
Drinking Game -- A 2 player drinking game by PinkyMcDrinky.

Drinking/Beer links

Drinkinghabits.com -- Practically an encyclopedia for drinkers. Not the nerdy kind, though.
Modern Drunkard Magazine -- Hysterical articles and more, by people fighting for our right to be drunk all day and all night.
Webtender -- When you get have nothing left to prove in beer pong, or you just run out of brews, hit this page to see what you can drink.
The Opinionated Beer Page -- Beer reviews, not to mention some really funny stuff.
Drinking Stories -- Remember that time you got really drunk and woke up naked in Central Park? Somebody else already did it, and when they did it, it involved a helicopter somehow. (Alright, that was me, and I'm not telling that story without my lawyer present, but these are still funny.)

Friends of NBPL

Disaffection -- Most critics are calling Disaffection "The best band ever." Most critics also do enough blow to kill Pablo Escobar.
Shipyard Wreck -- A bluesy-funky-rock band out of Southcoast Massachusetts. They're so cool that they even have their own set of beirut rules. Get Wrecked!
Alcohollica -- The band that's too drunk to play. Take a look at their drinking CDs.
Mountain Spew -- Not beer-related, but they called us "the pros" and linked to us, which warrants a link.
The Board -- Dedicated partiers hate the Yankees (bad), are afraid of Tony Little (good), so they cancel each other out.
Grounds For Anything -- A Virgina-based band that, from what we hear, kicks a bit of ass.
Thamike.com -- Get on thamike. Talk/fight about whatever you want. Laugh, think, do both at the same time (you might choke, though).
stickfight -- Stick figure combat. Not for the faint of heart. Or fatties.
More to come. If you would like to have your (or anybody's) beer pong-, drinking game-, or drinking-related page added to this list, E-mail us at nbpl@hotmail.com with the subject "Beer Pong Links". If you link to us, we will link to you. E-mail us at the same address to let us know if you do.