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Go here if you want to play with paddles.

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Club Edgewood rules

submitted by
Blake from the University of Eastern Kentucky



the exciting part is the HEAD CUP RULE!!!
-the head cup is as follows:

those are the rules that us boys and girls on Edgewood Drive use to play beer pong. Go EKU!!! Club Edgewood!!!

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Acacia rules

submitted by
Matt from the Acacia fraternity of the Illinois Wesleyan University

Here at Illinois Wesleyan University, the Acacia Fraternity plays Beer Pong a little differently than most others. We set up the table like this:

     3 pts ->  O
     2 pts -> O O
     1 pt -> O O O

             O O O
              O O

  1. Use one ball.
  2. Flip a coin. Whoever wins gets to decide if they want the ball first or if they get to pick the side they are on.
  3. The cups are filled with water, not beer...drink from cans/bottles.
  4. Teams of 2. Take turns throwing.
  5. You may bounce or lob the ball into the cups. The ball can only hit the table once. If it hits more than once, no points are given.
  6. Opponents may not blow or hit the ball.
  7. When you make it into a cup, the cup is NOT removed from the table. Instead, your team gets points equal to the row of cups you made it in (see table set-up).
  8. Play to 15 points. Losers chug the rest of their beers.
  9. Each team member takes drinks 3 for each point their opponents score, right after they score (3 drinks for 1 point, 6 for 2, and 9 for 3).
  10. They ball may be bounced off the ceiling, wall, people, and cans and still count for points, as long as it only hits the table once or not at all.

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Booboo Pong

submitted by

I've got a game of pong for the real drinker. For this game you need 2 sets of ten cups on either side, this is for 2 people at the same time, 2 ping pong balls. Lots of beer and also liquor, but not a lot and this is also optional when played with liquor it can get much more intresting. If you are going to play with liquor this is called the death cup and it goes at the head of the pyramid. You also need two wash cups.

You throw the ball into the cup you drink you make both shots the balls go back to the persons that made the shots and they may shoot again. However if the ball is mistakenly shot into the wash cup(boo boo) then you have to drink all of the other players beer and your beer at once. the winner is the one that sinks all pong balls in the opponents cups. This is a game for the true drinker at heart. Enjoy and be merry.

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CCBLS rules

submitted by
Damien the Great

this version was created by J-Pac and DTG, two drunken math majors to make for the most skill oriented, fast and fun game
played on an 8' by 4' sheet of plywood
we don't actually only play with beer, any alcohol you want is legal, rum, mixed drinks, whatever


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Philly Suburbs rules

submitted by

14 cups 12 with beer 2 with water
cups are set up traditionally (3,2,1)
2 players to a team and two teams to a game

  1. Start the game by two players on opposing teams shooting for first shot. The shots must be taken at the same time and while looking in each others eyes not at the cups. If you both miss or both make it the other partners go until only one makes it. The team who makes it will shoot first but the cup made during the first shots is not removed.
  2. On a team shoot one after another. If a cup is made the opposing team must drink it. If both shots are made by one team they get the balls back to shoot again.
  3. If the ball is bounced into a cup either off an opposing player, wall or table then it counts for two cups, but while the bounce is taking place the opposing team has a chance to swat or catch the ball. If the ball bounces twice it counts for 3 cups three times it's 4 cups and so on.
  4. If the ball is played off the ceiling it counts for 3 cups, but again the other team can swat or catch the ball.
  5. Any ball can be blown out of the cup while the ball is still in motion.
  6. If a cup is knocked off the table or spilled it counts, and must be removed.
  7. After a team's cups are reduced to 4 the opposing team can ask to consolidate the cups into a diamond shape. When the cups are reduced to three they can be consolidated to a triangle with the point facing the opposing team, and when there are two cups they can be placed vertically.
  8. If a team's last cup is taken they have a chance to shoot unless both opposing shots hit the last cup then it's over. If both teams make each other's last cups the game goes into overtime which starts the same way the game did but with three cups to a side. Double overtime uses two cups and triple or any farther uses 1.
  9. And last but not least, if any one uses wine coolers, Smirnoff Ice, Mike's, etc. to play they are officially kicked out of any further games and called a P#%sy the rest of the night.
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ChattySigO Style

submitted by
Rudy back to top

Century Pong

submitted by

My buddies and I attended John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio. We are and always will be a small school, but we are world renowned for our binging capabilities. Hence, we take our beer pong quite seriously, and I have taken part of and been a spectator to many a brawl spawned by beer pong. Anyhow, when the normal style just didn't seem enough, we invented a new one. We called it century pong, on account of there being 100 cups per side. There were either three or four member to a team, and 33 beers poured into each team's cups. The arrangements can vary, and they did tend to get pretty inventive. Two violations could induce a penalty of one cup being taken away: the opposing team either thowing or drinking out of turn. The game usually takes about an hour and a half, which may seem long, but it's so much fun. One last thing, girls simply cannot handle this game. We thought perhaps a select few could, but we quickly learned this is not the case, so no girls, they only knock over the cups, and sometime the table, and can never finish what they started.

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Northern Maryland and PA rules

submitted by

12 cups, 6 on each side... 2 balls, 2 wash cups, loads of shit talking

at start of game... (without a previous winner)
1 ball starts on each side of the table, 1 person from each team closes eyes, and throws their ball... person that makes it into the cup, team gets to go first.

Each player from the team gets 1 shot... if 1 pong ball is sunk, then that beer is consumed, if 2 balls are sunk the two beers are consumed and the balls are returned to be shot again. If only one is made the other team takes their shot...
The formation of the cups are not changed until requested and only when a team is holding both balls... there is no formation change for 5 cups... if a team makes two balls in 1 cup the came is over and the LOSERS drink all remaining, other team should have got that cup faster... beers must be consumed before shots are taken

(applys only to last cup)
if a ball is "rimming out" meaning rolling around inside the cup:


winner stays on..... :)

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UConn Style

submitted by

What you need:

How to play:

  1. Each player gets their own set of 6 cups.
  2. Rack each time a cup is hit: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
  3. Once a side has only 6 cups left, rack them in the middle and again rack at 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
  4. For the first game, flip a coin to see who shoots first. After the first game, the challengers always go first. The team to go first only gets to shoot one ball. The winners get to shoot both and from then on both teams get both balls.
  5. No blowing
  6. If a bounce shot goes in, you must drink 2 cups
  7. If a team hits both shots, they get the balls back
  8. If a team hits both shots in the same cup, they win and the losers drink the table (therefore its a good idea to take your cups off as soon as they're hit)
  9. No redemption
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Pike Pong

submitted by

This is a game for those last hearty partygoers who, at 4 am, still aren't drunk enough to pass out.

What you need:

How to play:

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TEP Beerpong rules

submitted by
Ken back to top

Cranford, NJ Style

submitted by

To start game off, one player from each team will throw to determine possession. However, they can not look at the cups, they must maintain eye contact at all times. When a team gains possession both players shoot. If a ball hits the table before it reaches the cups, opposing team may swat it away. If both players on a side make their shots, possession is retained. Also, if player A makes his shot, and player B on the same team manages to make it into the same cup, the game is over, and their team is victorious. When the last shot is made, the opposing team gets to match the opposing team by having both players attempt to make a shot. If not, then the game is over and the losing team must kill ALL the beer left on the table.

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Delaware Phi Delt rules

submitted by

Object of the Game

The object of Beirut is to throw ping pong balls into the "full" cups on the opposing side of the Beirut Table, forcing your opponents to drink the beer in the corresponding cups. Once the cups on one side of the table are completely empty, the team on that side of the table has lost and must forfeit their side of the table to the next competing team.

Rules and Regulations

  1. One 12-ounce beer must be used to fill a single 6-cup pyramid of cups.
  2. Each team begins with a single ping-pong ball, at opposing corners of the table. If a winning team is remaining on the table, they choose which corners start with a ball. Additionally, the losers or challengers throw first.
  3. If a ball is thrown into a full cup on the opponents' side of the table, that team must drink the beer in that cup and replace it in the same location.
  4. If a ball is thrown into an empty cup on the opponents' side of the table, the team member in front of that cup will choose a cup in front of the thrower that must be drank by the thrower. If no full cups are left in front of the thrower, one may be chosen from anywhere on the throwing team's side of the table.
  5. Once a ball is thrown, it may not be touched by any player unless it is apparent that the ball will not land in any cup on the destination team's side. If the ball bounces off of the cups on it's destination side, and returns to the thrower's side, it may be intercepted at any time. If this rule is broken, the ball must be returned to the thrower's possession.
  6. If a player accidentally or purposefully drops a ball into any full cup on their side of the table, the respective team member must drink that cup.
  7. If a player accidentally or purposefully drops a ball into any empty cup on their side of the table, no action shall be taken.
  8. If a ball bounces off of a player into a full cup on their side of the table, this cup must be drank. However, if the ball bounces off of a player into an empty cup, play resumes as usual with no penalty.
  9. At any time in the game, if a player asks an opponent to straighten their cups, the opponent must do so.
  10. At any time in the game, if a player asks an opponent which cups are empty, the opponent must tell them.
  11. No player may throw a ball from anywhere in front of their edge of the table. In other words, they may not throw from the sides of the table.
  12. A player may not throw a ball while they are supposed to be drinking, however, they may pass the ball to their partner to put back into play.
  13. If all team members on one team are drinking at the same time (cup is still on the lips or still has beer in it) for any reason related to the game, they must forfeit the balls to the opposing team. They may wait until they are both finished drinking to do so.
  14. Players may throw balls at any of their opponents' cups at any time.
  15. If a cup is knocked over by a valid throw, the cup should be refilled to its original level and drank by the player in front of that cup.
  16. If a cup on a player's own side of the table is knocked over due to carelessness, the player must refill that cup to the original level and drink the contents.
  17. At the onset of any game, two opponents may opt to include a "challenge cup" in the game. This must be agreed upon before the game commences.
  18. Once the ball has been determined out of play, the first player to gain possession of the ball may use it for the next throw.
  19. Players may not throw balls at their opponents cups if the opponent is in the process of drinking one of their cups.
  20. The challengers must refill the winning team's cups, however, the winning team may choose which side to play on after the fill has been completed. This keeps the size of the fills fair.
  21. If a team is possession of all the balls in play, they may hold them to allow a team member leave the table for a brief period of time.

Glossary of Terms

Full Cup - SoloŽ 16-ounce cup filled with approximately 2 ounces of beer (1/6 of a 12 ounce can or filled to the first indentation.
Beirut Table - Official dimensions are 8' long by 6' wide by 3' high.
Team - A team can consist of 2 or 3 players. In the case of 3 players, 3 ping pong balls should be used.
Challenge Cup - One cup of beer filled to the rim, placed at any location in the pyramid.
Out of Play - A ball is determined out of play when it is apparent that it is impossible for the ball to fall into a cup on the destination side of the table.

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Nittany Pong

submitted by

Nittany Pong is played mostly by the athletes at Penn State and has similar rules to most pong games yet some fun added to it. Most frats and people who have never heard of it hate the sound of it but love it once they play it themselves.

24 cups used, two triangles of 6 on each side of a table for each team.

  1. A player on each team starts with a pong ball and shoots at the other teams ball across the table. You are allowed to reach across the table as far as you want as long as you don't spill one of your cups.
  2. If a cup is made the person who's pyramid it was in must chug whatever is in that cup and take it out of the pyramid. Then the person that made the cup gets the ball back for another shot. "Make it take it".
  3. If a shot is missed, the ball becomes a free for all and anyone on either team can grab it to get another shot. This gets really funny when the players are really drunk and are fighting for the ball.
  4. When a team has only 6 cups left on their side, the opposite team must call "put'em" for them to be put into one combined pyramid in the middle of the side. If the team calls put'em and the other team shoots without putting em, they must chug a cup of the opponent's choice.
  5. If a shot bounces and goes into a cup, the cup is chugged but the team does not get the ball back. This goes for if the ball bounces from one pyramid to the other and makes it in the wrong pyramid.
  6. NO blowing or scooping out on a spin ball because that's just bull shit.
  7. You can wave in front of the cups and do whatever you want to screw up the other team's shot except touch the ball. If the ball touches you before it bounces down, you have to chug a cup.
  8. Winning team stays on the table for the next opponent.

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