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Rutgers TKE Bowling

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The brothers at TKE play a variation of Beirut (Bowling) that focuses on skill. I have not run into this style anywhere else but I think it is the most challenging.



As tables warp and vary developing a style and adjusting your shot is key to mastering our style of Beirut or Bowling.

Also: 3 players may play if another row of cups is added.

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Ithaca College Rules

submitted by
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Keene State College Ultimate Beirut

submitted by
Mike Bertolami

To whom it may concern,
This is regarding the rules of beruit section of your website. I wish to have our version added. I am a senior at Keeen State College in New Hampshire. New Hampshire being the the state with the second highest alcohol consumption rate, means we know how to drink. Occasioanly we play a very wild game with a total of 132 cups, thats right...132 cups. Here are the rules:

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Official Beer Pong Rules of the Shady Kings

submitted by
Shady King 4

Hereís what you need:

  1. The first game begins with each team having a one ball.
  2. Amount of beer per cup can vary. 2 beers over 6 cups is preferred.
  3. Cups that are sank must be chugged immediately...none of that nursing or combining cups shit.
  4. If a cup is sank the person who shot gets the ball back. "Make it take it."
  5. When a pyramid is down to 3 cups it must be reformed to a triangle; or when a team is down to a total of 6 cups. If a team shoots without rearranging cups their shot is void, and the other team takes the ball.
  6. If a ball is bounced it can still sink a cup, however, once a ball has hit the table on the bounce it is free to swat...be careful, many a drunken attempts to knock away bounces have led to knocking over your own cups.
  7. If a cup is swatted, or knocked over because of a ball hitting it, the cup is considered sank, unless it is the last cup of the game; in this case it can be refilled, but it is filled with a full beer.
  8. Only girls are aloud to play "blow outs."
  9. No Redemptions.
  10. Winning team stays on the table for the next opponent.
  11. Winning teams that stay on the table start the next game with both balls.
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Mansfield University Rules

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Objective: To eliminate all of opponents cups by THROWING (not bouncing) the ball

if you choose to be a bouncer the ball may be swatted away once initial contact is made with the table

Setting up a match: The previous gameís loser must assemble both the new challenger and the current winnerís cups and retrieve the beer for both teams. The beer in each cup should be filled to the LINE, you know which line.

If it is the initial game of the evening each team will set up and retrieve their own beer and cups.

Beginning the match: If it is the first game each team gets one ball. The opponents look directly at each other, signal 1, 2, 3 and throw the ball. This will be repeated until someone makes a cup. This cup is removed and the match begins. If the match has a previous winner and a new challenger the winners get both balls.

The Throw
The throw begins when it leave a players hand and ends when one of the four following "Throw Ending Factors" happen.

Throw Ending Factors
A. The ball goes in the cup.
B. The ball hits the rim of a cup.
C. The ball hits the table.
D. The ball breaks plane of the end of the table.



Dead Ball
Until one of the "Throw Ending Factors" happens, a ball that has been thrown is considered dead and may not be touched intentionally by the defensive team.

Touching a Dead Ball
If the defensive team touches a "dead ball" intentionally, they must remove one of their cups, drink the beverage and return the ball to the opposing team as a penalty. If a throw accidentally hits a defensive player or the other ball during the course of a throw, the ball remains "dead" until one the four throw ending factors happens.

Live Ball
When the throw ends the ball becomes "live", unless it went in a cup. As soon as the ball becomes live, the defensive team may attempt to grab the ball.

Live Ball Examples
1. The throw hits the rim of a cup and bounces straight up and appears to be landing back in a cup. The defensive team may attempt to grab or knock away the ball because as soon as the ball hits the rim it becomes a "live" ball.
2. An offensive player attempts to bounce the ball in. If the ball goes in it counts, but the defensive player has every right to grab the ball before it goes in the cup because as soon as the ball hits the table it becomes a "live" ball.
3. The throw is clearly over thrown and the ball clearly breaks the plane of the end of the table, the defensive player may catch the ball because it is considered "live".

Spinning Ball

A spinning ball may be blown out of a cup only by a female. BITCHES CAN BLOW!


The ball is out of play when in a cup that has been made. You may not take the ball out of the cup until the beer is gone!


When both players make a cup the balls are returned to them.

Knocking Over a Cup
Cups may become knocked over during the course of a match from many different factors. The proper action taken for a knocked over cup depends on the factor that caused it to fall.

Throw Knocks Over Cup
Although it is illegal to intentionally try to knock over a cup, occasionally a cup will tip over from a completely legal throw. This usually happens when a ball goes in to the cup at a decent speed and knocks the cup off balance causing it to fall. When this happens the shot is considered a made shot and treated accordingly. The defensive player who picks up the fallen cup is considered "out of play" and must finish the beverage(if there is any left) and place it down on the table with the other empty cups. A "double up" can happen on a knocked over because it is treated exactly the same as a made cup.

Knocking Over One of Your Own Cups
Some times careless players will knock over their own cups trying to grab a loose ball or by leaning too much on a throw. If this happens, the cups are place on the empty cup stack and your team loses those cups. The only difference from a made cup is that a knocked over cup from human contact can not be "doubled" up.

Knocking Over one of your Opponents Cup's

If a player knocks over any of their opponents cups while trying to retrieve a "live" ball, the cups are put back in there original spot and refilled with beverage and the team that knocked over the cups must eliminate the same number of cups from their side that they knocked over as penalty for sloppy play.

End of the Match

When 2 cups are left:

IF both shots are made and both cups eliminated the game is over.

When 1 cup is left:

If both shots are made the game is over.

If one shot is made and one missed the opponents have a chance to throw twice. If one shot is made a three cup overtime ensues.

If both shots are made the game is over.

IF all cups are eliminated in one turn the opponent has the opportunity to take a regular turn and eliminate some cups that must be drank.


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submitted by

i was wondering if anyone has ever written to you about a goucher or variation of it. see we play when a cup is made we consolidate the cups from 1,2,2 when there is 5 cups remaining. 1,2,1 when there is 4 left. 1,2 when there is 3. 1,1 for 2. well you get the picture.. anyway a goucher is made when on the 1,2,2 when the ball is thrown into the hole that is made where the 4 cups come together behind the front one. on 1,2,1 it is made when the ball sits in one of the holes where 3 cups come together, this is also the case on the 1,2.

when a goucher is made on the 4 cups, all for cups must be drank, on 3 cups its all three. a goucher with 3 cups left ends a game. so you can see how a goucher can pull you back into a game when you are gettin beat. these are almost impossible to make. ive only made 2 in my times playing, and they came on luck of the ball just rolling on the rim of the cup and falling into the gouch hole.

i thought that you might wanna know about this rule, im from northern pennsylvaina and from what ive seen in the different places where ive played, no one else has heard of this. might help some people put a different spin on their game.

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Manalapan, NJ Rules

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What you need:

How to play:
  1. Cups are arranged in a pyramid shape at opposing ends of the table, with the points facing each other. (3-2-1) (1-2-3) A water cup is placed on each side of the table to clean any dirty balls.
  2. Each team gets two consecutive shots to make the ball in the opposing teams cups. As a cup is made a member from the other team must remove the cup from the playing table and drink it.
  3. The team who makes all of the other teams cups is the winner.
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Beirut Rules of Barrington

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