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Cal Phi Delts 3D! beer pong

submitted by

this version is interesting because it takes beer pong to a whole new level, literally.
materials required:
2 players
standard ping pong table
20 standard "Keg cups"
6 16oz beers


Basically it's your standard beer pong except for the whole 3D thing. This version of beer pong was developed very recently (last spring) by yours truly in one of those drunken moments of inspiration that so often gets us arrested. I hope this inspires your readers to use their imagination and keep searching for ways to improve the great american college pass-time that is: beer pong. back to top

Shot Pong

submitted by

This is my own version of beer pong, usually used as a sudden death when a game has gone on too long, and to amuse friends with your... drunkness.

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Major League Beer Pong

submitted by
  1. 2 teams of 2 players
  2. 6 cups on each side in triangle form(1,2,3). 2 water cups to clean off ball
  3. Fill cups about half way
  4. Winners of last game get one shot, if the shot is made, the other player of that team gets to shoot. If he makes it both players get another shot and so on....If he misses, it is the other teams turn to shoot. (if this is first game. Play rock, paper, scissor to decide who goes first. best 2 out of 3)
  5. When a ball is made the team not shooting must drink that beer and remove the cup.
  6. There is no restack of the cups. When a cup is taking away, leave the cups how they are for the duration of the game
  7. Extended #5. Anytime during the game where both teammates make the shot, they both get another shot. This keeps going to someone misses.
  8. There is no redemption shot. Once someone wins the game, they WIN. Is there redemption in any other sport. HELL NO!
  9. When a team is on the last cup, the opposing team my try to destract them to miss the shot. You can only fake out the other team when they are on the last cup!!
  10. The losers of the game must drink their last cup and the winners cups( If there is a limited supply, players decide who drinks the remaining cups)
  11. Winning team goes on to defend the table
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Corbo Style

submitted by

What you Need:

How To Play:

  1. Cups are set up in the basic pyramid ( 1 - 2 - 3 ) formation. Each team keeps a water cup on their side of the table to clean off any dirty balls.
  2. A team can only request a formation change ( rerack ) when they have made at least 2 cups. Formations go from pyramid to diamond, to triangle, to I-formation, and eventually he final cup.
  3. If it is the first game on the table, one player from each team must look into each other's eyes while they shoot at the same time until someone makes their ball to determine which team will go first. Every game thereafter, the winner stays on the table and gets the ball first.
  4. Bounces off the table count as two cups converted, however, any member of the opposing team can block the ball once it hits the table.
  5. ACCIDENTS: if you drop a ball in your own cup, that counts as your shot and you must drink that cup. If you knock a cup over or block a ball while it is over the cups you also must drink that cup.
  6. If each player on a team makes their shots in the same round, they get their shots back.
  7. This is the golden rule of beer Pong which many people forget: YOU MUST DRINK YOUR BEER BEFORE YOU TAKE YOUR NEXT SHOT!!! If someone makes a shot against you, don't even think about shooting before you drink it. Getting backed up is a cardinal sin in beer Pong.
  8. For balls that are spinning around along the top of the cup, girls are allowed to blow in attempt to get it out, and guys are allowed to finger. Just remember Girls Blow, Guys Finger... easy concept. ( If a guy attempts to blow, he is subject to jokes and laughter for the remainder of the evening )
  9. If each player of a team makes their shots in the same cup, the game is over and the losing team must drink the remainder of the beer on the table. If the cup is moved and still has beer in it, it is still game over. If the cup is empty, then it means nothing.
  10. FINAL CUP: If Team A makes their final cup on their first shot, they have the choice of putting the second ball down which gives Team B one and only one shot to send it into overtime. Team A can also choose to shoot the second ball which would end the game if it is made but give the Team B two shots if it is not. The same rules are followed as during the game, if Team B made both shots and there were still more cups, they would get the balls back until they missed or they cleaned the table. If Team B matches by making their final cup, the game is decided in a 3 cup overtime ( 1-2 formation ).
  11. The team that makes all their cups first wins.


  1. If a team wins 10 consecutive games in one night of beer Pong, they become members of the decade club and will go down in beer Pong history forever.
  2. Before you begin, you may want to designate a punishment for any team that gets shutout other than the embarrassment alone.
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NYU Rules

submitted by
some guy from NYU

You need:

  1. 6 or 10 Solo cups for each team and 2 water cups
  2. 2 ping pong balls
  3. 8' or 9' table
  4. 2 teams of 2 people
  5. 2 beers per side for 6 cup or 3 beers per side for 10 cup


  1. Set up 6 or 10 cups on each end of the table depending on how long you want the game to be. Rerack is at 6, 3, and 2 cups. For 2 cups, place one cup in front of the other.
  2. The challenging team will start the game by shooting one ball, or if there is no challenging team, teams can use any number of methods for deciding who has to shoot the first ball. Shooting eye to eye and Rock, paper, scissors are acceptable ways, and the losing team will shoot the first ball.
  3. After the first shot, each team will shoot two balls.
  4. If a team makes two different cups on the same turn, they get both balls back.
  5. If a team sinks two balls into the same cup, the game is automatically over. Therefore, make sure you remove a cup as soon as it is sank.
  6. If you call a cup and make it, you get the ball back. If you call a cup and miss or make another cup, then, nothing happens.
  7. If you bounce a ball in, the opposing team must take away that cup and one other, but the opposing team may knock the ball away once the bull hits any surface.
  8. Under no circumstances will a guy be allowed to blow the ball out of a cup. If you are a guy and you do this, consider yourself a faggot. Only girls are allowed to blow.
  9. If you shoot a ball and completely miss the table, you are a disgrace, so take a cup away on your side. This rule does not apply when either team is shooting on last cup.
  10. When the last cup is sank, the opposing team gets both balls to shoot rebuttals until they miss. If they are able to sink all cups on the opposite side, the game goes into overtime. You can either resume playing with the single cup or play overtime with 3 cups on each side. When a team is shooting rebuttals, don't be a faggot and try to distract them. Show some respect and allow them to lose with grace.
  11. If you win with some cups remaining on your side, don't be a pussy and make the losing team drink your cups. You must drink all your cups. This is to prevent teams from staying sober on the table all night long. The point of the game is to get drunk AND win.
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North Jersey Style

submitted by

What you need:


  1. Take turns shooting to see who goes first. Keep shooting until 1 team makes it and 1 team misses.
  2. Team that wins shoot off gets both balls. Either both players shoot 1 ball or 1 player shoots both. If 1 player shoots both balls the other player must shoot both next time.
  3. Cups are removed and rearranged after 4 (diamond), 3 (triangle),2 (one in front of the other).
  4. If two cups are made in one turn the balls are returned.
  5. Girls blow. Guys finger. If your fingers or the ball is wet, the cup counts.
  6. If a cup is knocked over at any time during play it is out.
  7. Bounces are allowed. However, as soon as the ball hits the table it is fair game and if it is made 2 cups are taken away
  8. If a team is beaten without making any cups, they must run around the house naked. This is after redemption incase 1 team makes all 6 cups in a row. Usually this rule is only in effect when girls are playing.
  9. Champions keep the table and shoot first.
  10. Redemption shot is allowed. If it (they) are made play goes to 3 cups per side.
  11. Losing team must drink remaining beer unless there is not a lot left, then champions decide.
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Webster Style Extreme Beer Pong

submitted by

i want to submit a style of game play that me and buddies from Webster, New York use occasionally. We call it "Webster Style Extreme Beer Pong". You start out by filling up either 5 gallon or 2 gallon pales with the beer of your choice from a keg or two...or five. Then u put six of the buckets on each side of a tennis court, and play with a tennis ball, or a lacrosse ball...usually we have teams of 3-5 players, and after one game everyone is pretty god damn tanked. back to top

Bucknell Rules

submitted by

You are the greatest person/people ever to have a beer pong site. So I thought I'd send in the rules to the way my friends and I play:

I guess you could call this Bucknell rules, although there have been some changes over the years, mostly the bouncing brought in from Geneseo and a decrease in cups from 10 to 6.

Table: 8' or 9' long
Balls: 2
Players: 4 (2 vs. 2)
Setup: 6 12oz. or 16 oz. cups each side, arranged in pyramid style; wash cup(s)
Beer: 2 or 3 beers per side, depending on JV or Varsity players.

Play: Both throwing and bouncing are allowed. Losing/challenging team throws 1 ball. Winning team then gets to throw both balls, and play continues with each team throwing both balls (1 throw per partner).

Sinking a cup: Cup is taken away, must be finished before throwing.

Knocking cup off table: Allowed, finish what's left for being lame enough to not fill your cups up.

Regrouping: not allowed. The cups stay in their original positions.

Comebacks: If a team makes both throws, they get the balls back.

Defense: If thrown, once the ball hits either a cup or the table the ball may be knocked away. If bounced, the ball must be allowed to bounce and hit a cup, afterwhich the ball may be knocked away after a 2nd bounce on the table or bouncing off a cup. Blowing a ball out of a cup is to be determined as a 'house rule', depending on the preference of the home team.

Ending the game: Make all cups. Losing team is allowed rebuttal throws. Losing partners alternate throws until first miss. If rebuttals clear all cups, overtime.

Overtime: 3 cups per team, triangle arrangement, no comebacks, rebuttal rules apply (multiple overtimes allowed).

Shut-out: If a team is shut-out, they must run around the house/apartment/block naked.

Nice job on the site. You made my day.

Rocco Russo

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Potown Rules: The Power Bar

submitted by

  1. 6 cups on each side of the table filled half way up
  2. In the first game of the night, one player from each team shoots the ball at the same time, if they both make or miss the shoot the next players go, If one makes it and the other doesn't that team gets the ball first
  3. Located above and center of the table is a chin up bar. This is the Power Bar. if a player shoots the ball over the bar and makes the shoot, then the other team has to take away 2 cups.(at big parties, this makes the games go by a lot faster)
  4. There is no restacking or roll backs
  5. If a team makes two in a row then they get both balls back until they miss.
  6. If a team hits two straight shots in the last cup of the other team, the game is over. If they only make one then the other team has two shots too try to tie the game or get the balls back for more shoots.
  7. If the game is tied. then the game goes into a 3 cup playoff
  8. When the game is over the losing team has to drink the remain beer of the winning team. If a team is shutout(6 cups to none) that team is not allowed to play again that night.
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Long Island - Suffolk County Rules

submitted by


  1. If you drop a ball into your own cup at anytime no matter what you have to drink.
  2. Only girls can blow the ball out of a cup if it is spinning the term is called "BITCHES BLOW"
  3. THE ONLY TIME YOU GET YOUR SHOTS BACK IS IF BOTH PEOPLE HIT BOTH OF THEIR SHOTS! Then the balls are returned back for two more shots.
  4. Now this is a little different. We play you can call the cup you are hitting. If you hit the cup you call then it is two cups but if you hit another cup besides the one you called that cup stays on the table and does not count. YOU CAN ONLY CALL A SHOT 3 TIMES PER GAME. You can not call the cup on the last cup.
  5. The BOUNCE SHOT is for the sneaky player who catches the other team off guard. If you hit a bounce shot it counts as two cups and for each time it bounces it counts as another two cups. BUT YOU CAN PLAY DEFENSE in case of a bounce shot and catch the ball before it reaches the cups.
  6. If a cup gets knocked off the table at anytime the cup is dead and is not brought back up onto the table no matter what the reason.
  8. Last cup is allowed to be moved any where on the table at anytime after shots are taken.
  9. If the last cup is hit the other team gets a chance to "REBUTTAL". Which means to send the game into overtime by hitting the other teams remaining cups without missing a shot.
  10. Overtime is a three cup playoff which will go on as long as it has to (all rules above apply to overtime).
  12. if a cup is not filled to the first line with beer, and the other team calls "SUSPECT" that cup has to be drank, so fill your cups
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'Scony' Suicide Match

submitted by
Matthew "Brodey" Callies

After trying many variations of the game such as spot shot, 84 cup singles, 42 cup singles, to prepare for the tournament, we had the dream of playing suicide match beer pong. It entails a 4x8 board full of 16 oz cups. Do not attempt to do so for it takes quite a toll on you. However, to educate the people on it here's what you need.

This is a singles match. Each player has 162 cups in front of them. Each player has a ball and shoots at the opponents cups. The cup is made only off the fly. Blowouts are allowed. When the ball is made into a cup (any cup including hitting your own instead of your opponents) the player who owns the cup must drink it. You must drink before you toss. Formations are allowed to be called when a player has 42 cups left in front of them. Formations can only be called once for every cup made. When a player is down to six cups, they put it into a 1,2,3 triangle formation in the center of the back of the table. The game is ended when a player loses all his cups. The loser must drink the remaining cups of the winner. If the ball hits the floor during gameplay, it must be dipped in the water cup before being tosssed otherwise it is a one cup penalty. The ball is a free ball once it hits the rim of the cup, or the table, or the ground. Once again, Do Not Attempt. If you don't believe me we have a video tape of it. Hopefully I'll send it into dateline in the future. If anyone wants to hear any other variations of the game or proof of the game. Email me at Brodeybrodey@yahoo.com. And one more thing, we are from Wisconsin and live in Milwaukee, not to brag but only the irish can outdrink us. If you want to challenge us email me and we'll come out and take you on. We take our drinking and drinking games seriously. Submitted by Matthew "Brodey" Callies back to top

OSU National champion rules

submitted by
Adam back to top

Make-it-take-it Pong

submitted by
Omkar you make it you (or in the case of doubles, your partner) takes it. each player (or team) is only guaranteed one shot. If said shot is made, then the player (or his partner) get another shot. this can continue indefinitely, thereby allowing a player who is losing by a large margin to come back in a single turn and make the game more exciting. You're always in it w/ MTP.

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3 Bitches and a Crazy White Man rules

submitted by

These rules were created by " 3 Bitches and a Crazy White Man" representing VA Tech Beer pong.

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