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Go here if you want to play with paddles.

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3 Bitches and a Crazy White Man rules

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These rules were created by "3 Bitches and a Crazy White Man" representing VA Tech Beer pong.

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Auburn Rules

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Sherri Materials:
  1. 22 keg cups
  2. 2 ping pong balls
  3. Table that is 8 feet long
  4. Beer of your choice
  5. Two teams made up of two people
  1. Set up 10 cups on each side of the table so that it looks like a pyramid. Fill the 10 cups with the beer of our choice, about a shot of beer per cup. Each side also has one cup full of water to clean the balls off after they get in a beer cup.
  2. You can only restack the cups when there are six, three, and two.
  3. To start the game, if both teams are just starting, each side gets one ball and the first side to sink a ball gets both balls. This is only to determine which team starts the game off, no drinking. The winner of the game stays at the table and will start with both balls because it is now their table.
  4. The team that starts the game shoots both of their balls. Each team member shoots one ball.
  5. If a team makes both of their shots then they get both balls back.
  6. If a team only makes one of their shots, then it is the other teams turn.
  7. If team "A" shoots and sinks a ball, then team "B" must drink that cup. That is the whole point of the game.
  8. A team can throw the ball in the air or they can bounce it into a cup. You take a risk in bouncing because once the ball hits ANY surface it's fair game to knock it away.
  9. If the ball is spinning around inside the cup, only girls are allowed to blow it out.
  10. If you shoot a ball and completely miss the table, you must drink one of the cups from your side. This rule does not apply when either team is down to one cup. You can't lose the game on an overthrow.
  11. When team "A" hits the last cup on one shot, then team "B" gets one rebuttal shot. If team "A" hits the last cup on their second shot, then team "B" gets two rebuttal shots. If team "A" hits the last cup on both of their shots, then team "B" must hit both of their rebuttal shots.
  12. If a rebuttal shot is hit then the game will continue with what is on the board.
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Brick, NJ Official Pong Rules

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Cinci Rules - Indian Hill

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Beirut - 'Nati style (Indian Hill)

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American Beer Bowling

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Semantics: First of all we do not consider this to be beer pong because no paddles are used, we prefer to distinguish the game from its paddle wielding cousin with the name Beer Bowling, because the cups resemble pins in a bowling alley. If you use a baseball to smash open a coconut, you donít say that you are playing baseball. Lastly, correct usage would be to say, "letís Beer Bowl." We do not say, "letís go Beer Bowling."

Table: Any freestanding table or tables will do as long as the aggregate length is nine feet long. As long as both sides agree on the height of the table, then even dead llama carcasses could be used.

Cup Setup: Ten cups on either sides, set up as a triangle. There should be some space between the back of the table and the cups, as agreeable to the players. Once the game begins, players are not to touch the cups. We have no quarrel with those who choose, for whatever reason, to consolidate their pins mid-game, however know that when we meet in your home our skills will be all the more honed. Use plastic cups of uniform manufacture. Because there is no I in team, the concept of having multiple triangles on a single end of the table is completely foreign and even repulsive to Beer Bowlers.

Beer: Natural Light is preferred, as are any of the meeker and unassuming brands. Play with what you like. Play with what you have. Just please use beer.

Sides: Player who won the last game selects which side he wishes to use. If this is the first time you play, then use the latent hierarchy assumed by your social group to delegate throw order.

Teams: Play with as many people as you want per side. If playing more than one per side, a separate throw order and drink order are kept from the start of the game. Teams take turn shooting, one player per side per turn.

The game begins:

End of game: The game ends when one team exhausts all of the other teamís cups. The losing team then drinks the remainder of the cups on the winning teamís side. However, the losing team has one last courtesy throw to try and lose on a good foot.

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Dorm Room Rules

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Matt I thought maybe you guys could put up the dorm room rules, ways that makes beer pong possible in the dorm room. here it goes:
  1. take the closet door off and set it on the dorm room chairs(you may need to borrow more chairs to make it more sturdy, dont want to loose any beer!!)
  2. buy as many cups so that you can fill the back row with cups(my closet held 9 on the back row to make it 45-cup pong)
  3. set up the cups in a normal pyramid and place one extra cup on each side for the water cup.
  4. Each Cup Must be Filled to the first line(approx. 1 beer per 3 cups)
  5. Now begin, if player makes shot, other team drinks, if both partners make shots, other team drinks both cups made and the team that made the shots get throwbacks.
  6. Reracking can be different depending on the number of cups used but don't rerack too often. We reracked at 28, 10, 6, 4, 3, and 2. Also, reracking does not occur unless the team that reaches that number asks for it.
  7. here's a huge rule, many people try to cheat, but KEEP ELBOWS BEHIND TABLE WHEN SHOOTING, failure to do so results in a lost shot and cup.
  8. if both players hit the last cup, game is over, when one makes it and the other doesn't, the other team gets rebuttal, were both players shoot till they personally miss(so if a player shoots till they miss, doesnt matter what their teammate does)
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James Madison University Rules

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James Madison University-Where the girls are always hot and the beer is always cold.

Official Beer Pong Rules JMU Style: All you need is 2 ping-pong balls, 14 keg cups, some sort of table and 1-3 close friends or random street bums to play with. Oh, and lots of beer.

  1. Set Up - Standard 2 teams of 2. 2 BEERS / 6 CUPS per side, 2 BALLS, 2 WATER CUPS (just like your when going on a date, you must wash your balls before you get a shot at scoring. Dirty balls are gross.) Cups are arranged in a pyramid.
    -10-Cup - Pyramid. 3 beers per side.
    -Extreme Alcoholic Style - Shot pong. Each of 6 or 10 cups is filled with a shot of your favorite 100+ proof alcohol. (If you are using grain alcohol, you have a serious problem and should seek professional help immediately.)
  2. First shot - If it's the first game of the night, or two new teams, choose a team to start. This is typically done by rock-paper-scissors (best 2 out of 3.) Otherwise, the incoming team shoots first. They get one shot, and then the other team shoots twice (one shot per teammate.) It continues 2 shots per team back and fourth until all 6 cups from one side are gone or until someone passes out. If one team makes both shots in during the same round, they get both balls back and get to shoot again. This continues until one of them misses.
  3. Drink - After someone gets a ball into a cup the opponent must drink the cup. The opponent may not shoot until he/she has drunk all of the beer in the cup. (Note: If you are caught shooting before you drink all of you beer you are considered a fag and will be viciously beaten with your own shoe.)
  4. Bounce - The bounce rule is in effect. This means that a team member may opt to bounce the ball off of the table and into the opposing teams cup. If they make it in a cup, the opponents must drink that cup and another cup, 2 total. However, the opposing team may swat/block or catch the ball after it has bounced once. (Caution: Bouncing takes skill and cunning wit.)
    (Hint: Try to distract your opponents when attempting the bounce. Try the Michael J. Fox move from Back to the Future that he used on Biff. "Hey, what's that?" while pointing. While your opponents unwittedly look away, take your shot. Another good one is to have two lady friends start hooking up across the room. While your opponent is distracted watching the show you can sneak in bounce. You might miss seeing two hot chicks hook up, but if you win the game you have a better chance of a three-some with them later. Girls love winners!)
  5. The Re-rack - After the first 3 of the 6 cups have been hit, you must re-rack the remaining 3 cups into another, smaller triangle. (10-cup version is re-racked once after the first 4 cups are hit and again after another 3 cups are hit)
  6. Blow Jobs - In the event that the ball is spinning around the top of the cup and not touching the beer, female players are permitted to blow into the cup and knock the ball out. Male players are not permitted to blow. Doing so would be admitting that you have no testicles. And plus, it just looks gay.
  7. Redemption & Overtime - If you get your ass kicked, don't worry, you still have a chance. Each member is permitted one redemption shot, shooting until he/she misses and then the other teammate shoots until they miss. If you are successful in hitting all of the opponent's cups then you go into overtime. A 3-cup pyramid is set up using 1 beer. The redeeming team shoots first, 1 shot, and then the winning team shoots twice. The game continues as normal. Redemption still applies in which 3 more cups and 1 more beer will be set up again. This can continue indefinitely until someone passes out or you're out of beer.
  8. The G-spot - Just like with women, there is a magical spot you can hit in beer pong where you score big time. If you get your balls in, you win. The spot is located in the very center of the cups in front of the middle cup in the back row between the back and middle row (smart kids help the dumb kids here.) If you notice, you can place a ball there and it will stay. If you shoot the ball and it lands and stays in this spot it is an automatic victory. The girls will go wild if you hit this spot too. However it should be noted that the odds of this happening are worse than one-legged, retarded midget scoring with Brittany Spears, but it is possible. Best of luck. You too midget.
  9. For the Klutzes - If you're a klutz and you happen to knock over your cup(s) or drop your own ball into your own cup, it counts! If you sneeze, trip, fart, fall over, talk with your hands too much, or have a seizure and the cups fall over or your own ball goes into your own cup, it counts! No discussion. You're fucked, like a virgin on prom night. So just drink up and be happy.
  10. Empty Cups - After shots are made, do not stack your empty cups on the side. That is freakin' disgusting! It gets crap from the table inside the cups and then you drink the crap and it's just nasty. So don't do it! Simply line up your empty cups on the side of the table.
  11. Betting - Betting on a per-game basis is optional. $5, $10, $100,000 per person. Whatever economical comfort level is.
  12. High-Fives - High-fives or "dabs" are appropriate after you or your opponent make a shot. Occasionally, if the game is intense enough, a Top Gun high-five is permitted.
  13. Talkin' Shit - You should talk as much shit as possible to your opposing team. Yo' Mama jokes, racial and gender slurs and making fun of physical imperfections (i.e. the kid with the lazy eye) are all permitted and encouraged. The cockier the better. Get in their head and get them off their game.
  14. Visualization - As in any professional sport, it helps to visualize. Visualize your ball going into the cup prior to shooting. (Tunnel vision helps with this, so drink up!) It also helps to visualize beating your opponents unmercifully and then leaving the party with their girlfriends or boyfriends depending on your gender.
  15. Remember: College is the best time of your life, getting drunk on your parents money. Only suckers finish in 4 years. So spend as much time as you can perfecting your skills. Practice makes perfect!
  16. A Final Toast: "To alcohol! The cause and solution to all of life's problems." ~ Homer J. Simpson.
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Alpha Psi Chi @ TCNJ's Rules

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Rob What you need: Rules: back to top

West Babylon Style

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terp What you need:


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Cresskill, NJ Rules

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  1. The standard number of cups to be used by each side is 10 standard Dixie keg cups, however any number can be used as long as it makes a pyramid shape.
  2. When playing 10 cup, unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties, the cups are to be filled to the first line if using keg beer, or 3 cans if using canned beer. If using more or less cups, adjust accordingly.
  3. Cups will be racked, or consolidated, when there are 6, 4, 3 and 2 cups left. This only has to happen if the opposing team asks for it, and can be done between throws. When one cup remains, it is centered at the back of the table, even with the edge.
  4. The bottoms of the cups in the last row must be even with the end of the table.
  5. There are two possible ways to begin the tournament, however once one method is selected, it must be used the entire evening.
    5a. The winning team automatically gets the balls.
    5b. The second way is to have one member from each team stare each other in the eye, not at the cups, and shoot simultaneously. The first team to make a shot gets both balls and the cup that had the ball in it is not drank. If both teams make it at the same time, shots continue until only one team makes a shot.
  6. A cup must be drank whenever someone airballs. Airballs only occur if the person has more than 4 cups. 4 cups or less and they don't drink.
  7. If both players hit, it is a "double-up" and the balls come back. Players may yell "send 'em back" to remind the opposing team to send it back. The exception to this rule is when there are two cups left, when only one cup is drank. On the last cup, the normal rules for redemption apply.
  8. If a ball is bounced into a cup, that cup is to be drank, as well as one other cup to be chosen by the team that is doing the drinking. If a ball is bounced, the opposing team has the opportunity to swat it away. A bounce is considered to be when the ball riqoucettes off of anything. If a ball bounces off the ceiling and the table, in either order, the cup that the ball goes in is drank, as well as another two cups to be decided by the drinking team.
  9. On the last cup, the "losing" team will have a chance for redemption, unless both players on the opposing team make their shots consecutively on the last cup. Both players on the losing team get a single shot each. If a player makes his or her shot, that person continues until they miss or make a shot on the other team's last cup.
  10. If both teams make a shot on the other team's last cup, then they go into overtime. 3 cups each side are used. Normal rules apply.
  11. Taunting over the cups is allowed, but usually only performed by people who can't make their own shots anyway.
  12. Only girls are allowed to blow balls out of the cup, and this is only allowed before the ball actually touches the beer.
  13. Once the ball is in the air, it can't be touched until it clears the table. This is called goaltending. If this occurs, either a one cup penalty is incurred or the shot is retaken. The decision is up to the shooting team, but once a decision has been made, it must be stuck with the rest of the match. The only time goaltending is allowed is if the ball hasn't been washed.
  14. Winners decide whether or not the losers drink the remaining beer. The amount of beer left for the night is usually the deciding factor.
  15. Knocked over cups are removed from the game.
  16. If you drop a ball into one of your own cups, you drink it.
  17. All shots are made from behind the line. Otherwise, it is leaning and the shot does not count. The position of the line must be decided before the match so that there is no confussion in the interpretation of this rule.
  18. Laser shots that hit the side of the cup are illegal. If a cup is knocked over in this fashion it is refilled and put back on the table. The person who threw it does not get another shot.
  19. Each player shoots in a round. No double shots for the better player. If someone must leave the table for any reason, a substitute may be brought in if agreed upon by both teams.
  20. Balls that hit the floor or appear dirty must be washed in the wash cup before being returned to play.
  21. At least one wash cup must be provided on the table. Water is the preferrable choice, but if not available, beer is an acceptable substitute. Shots that are made on the wash cup are never drank.
  22. Any arguments over rules are decided by an older, more seasoned beer-pong player, or a resident expert. If neither of these are available, disputes are settled by a best of three rock paper scissors.
  23. Cups must be drank immediately after they are removed from play. If a player is drinking a cup and the other teams makes a shot on it, the team making the shot automatically wins.
  24. If a ball ends up balancing between cups, it is an automatic win for the shooting team.
  25. The next team thats on deck fills the pitcher or gets more beer for the next round.

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